About American Home Maintenance Service & Repairs LLC

Who We Are

American Home Maintenance is completely dedicated to customer satifisfaction for each and every job. We provide our clients with professional, unique, luxury contracting services and exhibit the core of our values.

Honesty, Respect, & Commitment.

First and foremost with as should be with any job, honesty is important. American Home Maintenance Service & Repairs is more concerned with your trust than anything. Luxury can manifest itself in your project in a multitude of ways, and communicating artistic design for your home or business is important. We believe a part of honesty is setting realistic expectations and deadlines, professionalism in our work and communicating effectively what we are capable of doing, and then executing your plans without a hitch. We respect every project and the contractor or homeowner overseeing it, our team members, as well as yours. We will do our best to stay out of your way and exceed expectations along every step of the way. Our commitment to perfection means that unless the job looks pristine, we’re not finished with it. We have a special knack for attention to detail, and if your plans change along the way, we’ll adapt with those changes.


American Home Maintenance brings a new life to general contracting in the North Shore of Illinois. Unlike a great many contractors based out of Chicago, we’re based out of Northbrook and Glenview, which means we don’t have to fight traffic to get to your project, or charge for mileage on our jobs. What makes us unique is that we can handle any portion of the project for residential or commercial contracting, from bathroom and kitchen designs, to room additions, decks, and more. By being able to be versatile, we eliminate the need for you to call anyone else.

You can count on us to give a quality estimate, professional service, and meet your specifications regardless of how grandiose they may be. American Home Maintenance is licensed bonded and insured to provide you peace of mind. Call us today to learn more about our services.

Who Is Ethon?

The owner of American Home Maintenance brings a special balance of precision and respect. It’s common for a contractor to be respectful when he comes to the job site, but precision with every aspect of the job can be a little harder to find. That’s what Ethon discovered when he decided to create American Home Maintenance in the mid 1990’s. So starting with the first client and keeping tradition with every one since, Ethon makes sure every job is unique, on time, and a masterpiece.